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Calling All Overcomers


Calling All Overcomers

An Interpretation of  the Book of Revelation

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Calling All Overcomers


Calling All Overcomers is more than the title to this book…it’s the personal call of God’s own heart.  One of the central messages in the book of Revelation is that God is calling men to be genuine overcomers.  Jesus Christ has been sent out from the throne of God to conquer men’s hearts so they can also be overcomers.

The purpose of this book is to encourage people to embrace him as the King of their heart and allow his life to reign in theirs.  He wants you to be able to overcome by his mighty power and strength living inside of you just as He overcame for all of us.  Jesus will be looking for a faithful remnant qualified to rule and reign with him when he returns.  This book will help you prepare to be the overcomer Jesus will be looking for.

Supplemental Articles for Calling All Overcomers

Table of Contents

CAO Table of Contents (Color)

CAO Table of Contents (B&W)  

24 Elders     24 Elders

Fifth Seal     5th Seal – ISIS

Daniel’s 70th Week

    70 Weeks of Daniel – Newton

    70th Week Update No. 58

    Who Confirmed The Covenant

    The Truth of Daniel 9 27

    Newtons Take on Daniel 9

    Albert Barnes – Daniel 9

Mystery Babylon

  Babylon the Great

The Book of Habakkuk

Black Lives Matter!

Gog-Magog War

  Is There a Russian Connection

 Other Articles

  Preparing For Christ’s Return

  Seek First His Kingdom

  Tribulation Period – Page 72

  Follow After Me

  The Bride

Precursors To 6th Seal

 Rare Tsunami Caused by Earthquake

 Islands Moved Out of Their Place

 Stars Falling Caused by CME?

 Other Videos

 While You Were Sleeping by Casting Crowns

 While You Were Sleeping Lyrics

Lamb Has Overcome – He Is Alive

“I can do all things through Christ

 which strengtheneth me.” (Phl 4:13)

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Daniel’s Prophetic Clock
Stopped Ticking at
Christ’s Death


 Is Daniel’s Clock about to Start Ticking once again?

The recovery of the Old City of Jerusalem in June 1967 was a pivotal Prophetic Event. Find out how this major Prophetic Milestone may correlate with the start of the Second Half of Daniel’s 70th Week.

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ. (Colossians 2:8 NIV)

The “Traditional” teaching on the “70th Week of Daniel” has taken the Church captive into believing almost a “fairy tale” regarding Endtime events. Find out the beautiful Truth that has been hidden from modern day Christians.


Jesus Christ is returning for His Bride. Are you “Watching” for your Bridegroom today? Find out the consequences of not being ready before the final grains of sand descend through the hour glass. Don’t be one of those who will be LEFT BEHIND!

“Accounted Worthy To Escape”“The Great DelusionView & Print Full Color Charts
(login found in book)Resume of Jesus Christ

Daystar Prophecy: Day Star

The following sites contain some information we do not agree with but they do teach the 3 1/2 Year Tribulation:

Tribulation Period



Preparing for Lord’s Coming:

The following 25 minute video is a word the Church needs to listen to:

Very Few Will Enter Rapture

Also, the following Video will stir your heart about the Lord’s return:

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Regarding Jonathan Cahn’s recent book: The Harbinger

Isaiah 9:10 Video by Jonathan Cahn – Introduction (3:37 minutes)


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