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Come Away My Beloved


Come Away My Beloved

An Interpretation of  the Song of Solomon

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Come Away My Beloved


God placed the Song of Solomon in the heart of the Bible for a special reason.  Come Away My Beloved helps reveal that reason in a most enchanting way. In this devotional commentary on the Song of Songs you will realize why this ancient love story has perplexed Bible students and commentators down through the ages.

Find out the prophetic importance veiled within the Song’s poetic imagery and experience a renewed love for the Lord as you explore one of the most passionate love stories of all time. Witness the wonderful joys of romance and devotion shared by two young lovers. Discover enduring lessons of virtue and faithfulness, and learn amazing truths that have been hidden within the greatest love Song ever written.

Written almost 3,000 years ago this brilliant Song of love reflects God’s desire for every man and woman; not only in their present lives but also in their relationship with Him. This book will revive your heart with a fervent love for your Saviour.  It will also help you prepare for your glorious wedding day when Jesus returns for His devoted bride.

Allow this beautiful story of love and passion to ignite a flame in your heart and let this inspirational Song arouse your heart to join in the impassioned cry with the rest of the bride: “Make haste, my beloved, and come quickly…”


Supplemental Articles for Come Away My Beloved

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Christian D. Ginsburg Commentary

Ginsburg Commentary – Sgs 1-1 to 5-1

Ginsburg Commentary – Sgs 5-2 to 8-14

“You had me at hello…”

Upon seeing his lovely bride-to-be for the first time (after a brief separation), the beloved shepherd tells her, “You have captivated my heart with one glance of your eyes, with one jewel from your necklace” (Sgs 4:9 – ESV).

The passionate emotion the young shepherd must have experienced upon seeing the love of his life was partially captured in the famous, modern-day love scene in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire.  Those familiar with the movie will recall Dorothy’s well-known line, “You had me at hello.”  In this scene, actress Renée Zellweger vividly portrays the instantaneous fervor the young shepherd must have felt with just one look from his beloved.

Dorothy’s passion for her returning husband is mirrored in the shepherd’s emboldened heart with just one glance from her eyes.  The following brief YouTube video clip of this memorable scene captures those emotions.

You had me at hello…